Monday, August 06, 2012

Purple Mountain Majesty

There's something very majestic about a snow capped volcano. When you can turn around and see another one directly behind you, the magnificence if multiplied. On a recent visit to see Brandon and Sally, they suggested that we go visit a lavender farm nearby. Of course we were interested! 

It was an added treat to find that the lavender farm was situated in a hollow with Mt. Hood in one direction and Mt. Adams in the other. Bright sunshine and blue skies only accentuated the beauty of the mountains. 
[Mt. Hood, Oregon]

As you can tell, we weren't the only ones distracted away from the lovely lavender by the mountain peaks!
[Mt. Adams, Washington]

Hood River Lavender Farm, Odell, Oregon


  1. Gorgeous country. Someone at Mary's Mosaic Monday was showing Mt. Hood vacation photos so I'm being doubly blessed. (I had no idea until very recently that lavender grows that high. It doesn't here.)

  2. Beautiful! I have photos of Mt. Hood I took from the plane window.

  3. Our mountains are gorgeous! I enjoy them everyday I can see them. I sometimes can see Mt. St. Helens from my kitchen window.

  4. Beautiful ... in all directions! How wonderful! Best wishes to you, Tammy

  5. OH! I want to be there right now!!!!


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