Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Creating Napkin Rings with Bling

Napkins are always a part of proper table setting.  The more formal the meal, the plainer the presentation.  Always folded, the napkin can be set on the plate or to the left of the fork on the table setting.   Very formal meals always have fabric napkin, but paper napkins have become more and more acceptable over the years for most table settings.  Fancy folded paper napkins are never considered appropriate for a formal table, but they sure are fun for a casual one!  At times a napkin ring can be a part of a proper table setting, but those with "bling" should be reserved for a whimsical or casual table.

You might remember the beautiful napkin rings that my friend, Tari, gave me recently.  I posted about them here.  She found them when on a trip to North Dakota and knew I'd love them as part of a vintage tea table. 

Today I decided to try my hand at making a few more.  I gathered together several plain napkin rings and raided my treasure chest for an assortment of old broaches, earrings, beads, and pendants.  Most were old yard sale finds (as in before my time) with enough bits of tarnish to make them more interesting.  Little bits of "bling" all worked together to make pretty metallic circlets made to hold napkins.  I attached the "bling" individually or in groupings of three or four items.  Some of them matched (if I had two vintage earrings for a napkin pair) but the rest were created by themes of like colors, sparkle, texture, or bead.

It was a relaxing and creative way to spend an afternoon.  Who needs retail therapy when you can create to your hearts content?

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