Monday, April 26, 2010

Back Door Friends

Last week the summer furniture was moved from the garden shed to the back porch.  The days are becoming warmer and it's more comfortable to be outside.  The shade of the porch and the Norway Maple tree is a relaxing place to take afternoon tea.  Nearby, the Diana, Princess of Wales rose bush is growing long canes and vibrant green leaves.  Buds are starting to form and it won't be long until the fragrance of their blossoms fill the air.  Calli, our old cat, can be found sleeping soundly on the sheepskin in the big, stuffed chair.  Last night he spent the entire night there.  How do I know? I was awake several times in the night and saw him there.  It appears that he is not the only one who delights in time on the back porch. Several times last night a pair of friendly raccoons came to explore the back porch.   Casual, poky, slow, and comfortable, they made themselves right at home.  In search of cat or dog food, they could be observed exploring everything.  Our dogs do not like the intrusion! They think the porch is theirs, and they put up a racket from inside the glass patio doors.  The raccoons seemed oblivious to all the barking and ruckus, and casually continued their meandering and explorations.  Eventually, flashing lights, knocking on windows, and loud barking from inside the house sent them on their way.  But, not for long.  Back again, the scenario repeated itself at least once more during the night.  For such cute little critters, they can sure cause a commotion!  I wonder if they'd like a cuppa coon tea?


  1. Ha! La Tea Dah, you had quite a night with the critters. Racoons are soooooo cute. I wonder if they'd bite! Don't want to find out, though. Love your porch. Sincerely, Susan

  2. Your porch is so inviting. I wish I were sitting there now sharing a cup of tea. Raccoons are so annoying, destructive, and cute all at the same time. We try to keep them out of our yard, but they are very insistent.

  3. What a lovely inviting porch...even for racoons LOL!
    I think our patio cover etc. is set to go up this weekend...

  4. I love your porch and yard. Is there a covering over the porch - a roof or something? We are trying to decide what to put over the new one we will add just outside our bedroom. We try not t entertain racoons but they have a way of sneaking in and making their presence known. Wish I could drop by and share a cup or tea and a long chat with you on your lovely porch!


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