Monday, October 20, 2008

Restorative Ritual of Tea

When properly made, tea helps you to feel relaxed and refreshed. A hot cuppa gives a gentle lift and helps bring support throughout the day. Whether tisane or loose tea, there's something about the ritual and warming of tea that aids in slowing down a busy life pace. The restorative qualities of the tea ritual bring benefit through times both good or bad. These days everyone seems to be talking about 'thrift' and 'cutting back' or 'saving money'. Tea is a healthy and inexpensive beverage that is quite thrifty and cost-efficient. Next to water, it is the least expensive beverage in the world. Even with the inclusion of sugar, milk, or lemon, it costs less than 2 cents per cup. One pound of loose tea makes about 200 cups. Compare this to coffee where one pound makes 40 cups and has much fewer health benefits. As I write, I think of my friend, Clarice from Storybook Woods. She serves a most delightful tea called Rosemary Hill; it's a delightful blend of rosemary and lavender. She tells me she ordered six pounds of loose tea. Hmmmm, that's about 1,200 cups of tea, Clarice. I think I should come back to visit. Otherwise, how will you use up all that tea?

Tea and Lace Embroidery by my Mom


  1. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Oh yum! Rosemary and Lavendar tea. That does sound good. I'm gonna have to hop on over to Clarice's and ask her where she gets that, unless you happen to know.
    Love your end of summer garden pictures too.
    That tea and lace embroidery peice your mom did is so pretty.

  2. Wonderful things to remember about tea!

    That is a beautiful piece of embroidery - thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. Anonymous5:46 AM

    Living in the deep south, I am more inclined to drink iced tea rather than hot tea. Peach iced tea is my favorite! I noticed the little teapot building in your sidebar, and I thought you might enjoy these pic I found on Flickr a while back.

    Two is a teapot shaped water tower:

    One of a teacup shaped water tower:

    Hope you enjoy the pics!

  4. Thanks to you and those like you who espouse the blessings of a good cup of tea, I've been very happily having my cuppa as a way to relax in the evening. I so love that time.

    Your mother does such lovely work! What a pretty piece.

  5. Maybe I should come to just to help out with all that tea drinking...

  6. That is gorgeous embroidery! I love embroidery. I did it with my grandma when I was young. I would like to relearn it!

  7. Drinking tea is a very good thing.

    Love the embroidery.

  8. I love the tea and lace embroidery by your mom. Thank you so much for sharing about tea. I am really enjoying learning more about it.

  9. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Hi la Donna,
    I love the embrodiery, I wonder if that pattern is from our favorite shop?

  10. oh my goodness..the embroidery is so pretty...and I would love to be picked up on your way to Clarice's..pretty please....
    I will bring a wonderful hostess gift for her and something wonderful for you too "lavenderish"....Does Clarice have a local source for her tea...

  11. I've returned to say that I have an award for you on my blog. Thought you might be interested in the background story behind it, but I am not in the least offended by however you decide to deal with it...whatever works for you!


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