Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life's Little Surprises!

This week I received a most delightful gift from a friend. She'd recently been traveling and selected some very special gifts for a group of her friends. It was such a delight of the heart to open a simple white box to find all the treasures it contained. Truly, small packages can contain some very wonderful things!

Inside was found a very fragrant 'coin' of lavender soap which she bought at a lavender farm in Washington state. It is so fragrant --- one of strongest smelling lavender soaps I've ever encountered. The little chocolate heart was delicious! It came from Escriba's in Barcelona. The nuts and fruits used to decorate the chocolate added such delicate flavor. The beautiful blown glass ornament is Murano glass. And the orange peel and lavender tea is from Cafe Florian at St. Mark's square in Venice. It was exceptional! I was sure I tasted an undercurrant of chocolate in it as well, but my palatte was probably tricked.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thoughtful friend! The little package of wonderful treats made my day! A few other friends also received an identical package. Although we are far apart in distance, we sipped our tea simultaneously and sent a few emails back and forth as we had a delightful virtual tea party together. Little details truly enhance life's quality.


  1. Little gifts can have the most delightful impact on not only the day, but a life...memory being so powerful. What a sweet friend you have!

  2. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Delightful, thoughtful friends make such a difference in one's life. Sipping tea together, even if virtually sounds wonderful.

  3. What a neat idea....I have some of the little candies from St. Mark's square, I hang them on my Christmas tree.


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