Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Bouquets

Yesterday I received a phone call from Karleen, saying she was working on a birthday gift for her friend "the flower lady", and wondering if I would like to come and make one too. It sounded so interesting, using pumpkins, and ice pick, and fresh flowers. Housework could wait! I gathered my kitchen shears and a container and went out to my flower garden to see what I could contribute to the flower craft.

Karleen had small pumpkins set out on her counter and some sharp tools so we could poke holes in the pumpkin to stick flower stems into. The ice pick worked great, but as time went on we decided her husband's electric drill worked best!

Roses, lavender, mums, and amaranth, provided us with more than enough blossoms. Although we've had our first frost, there were enough nice flowers left for this fun project.

Karleen and I each used a different method of tackling our project. I started at the top, creating a cascading effect in an asymmetrical way. Karleen chose to select points at strategic places equal distance from one another all the way around her pumpkin. Her approach was quite symmetrical and balanced. Both methods created fun and pretty pumpkin bouquets. I couldn't help but think how each style reflected our personalities and the way we approach life. I have learned much over the years from my friend about balance and how to tackle a project. Karleen is the one who always finishes a project before she starts the next one; I tend to have a dozen projects going on at once and sometimes some get forgotten before I complete them. I am trying to be more like my friend in this regard!

At first it was difficult to know how to deal with flower buds that were taller than others on the pumpkin surface. I finally decided to embrace the difference in height, making it part of the balance and decor.

As time went on, I admit to becoming a little bit outlandish with the heights, but I was satisfied with the end result. Bunches of lavender poking out from the sides, and cascading amaranth gave a very eclectic feel to my bouquet.

It was hard to get enough leverage with the ice pick once we had flowers on the top. So, Karleen found her husband's drill and it worked perfectly in making holes at the base of the pumpkin so we could finish our project. Thanks, Richard! I hope we didn't leave any pumpkin pulp on the drill bit!

Drinking glasses provided as base and height as we neared the completion of our projects. It was easier to see and work with the pumpkin bouquet raised to near eye-level.

This is my finished pumpkin bouquet; bright colors, sprigs of lavender, and dangling amaranth set in a base of miniature roses and mums.

Karleen's bouquet is soft and sweet with the addition of a strand of mini-pearls on top. Her arrangement is beautiful and is now gracing the home of "the flower lady" down the street. Happy Birthday, flower lady!


  1. Looks like a fun project!

  2. Gorgeous! I never would have thought to do that but it's just beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us today. ~Adrienne~

  3. That's darling! I wonder if those last longer than when the pumpkin is cleaned out and used as the "vase." Those don't last long at all.

  4. What a special "crafty" day spent with a friend with lovely results.

  5. Fun and beautiful!

  6. These are beautiful

  7. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I love this! I really like how it looked when it had only a few or some flowers stuck in it and left alot of the pumpkin showing. What a neat idea. I will have to try this sometime.
    Take care!

  8. Anonymous1:14 PM

    How beautiful! I never would have thought to use pumpkins and garden flowers like this, but the result is lovely. I know the flower lady enjoyed the thoughtful gift.

  9. What a delightful idea and way to spend time with a friend. I love them both and your two approaches to tackling the project.

  10. How pretty! I have done a scrapbook page with flowers in a pumpkin (stickers) but never have done a real one!

    I hope you will visit my new blog:

    P.S. - we miss you on ILR, please come back!

  11. Those are so beautiful. What a wonderful idea!

    Nita Jo

  12. very lovely... the colors are so brilliant. What a great craft idea also.

  13. Very cute. I may have to try this for a ladies' brunch I'm hosting in a few weeks. It would make a lovely table decoration. You could even do a smaller version with those tiny pumpkins.

  14. I love this. Yes, love love these adorable pumpkin based floral centerpieces.
    What a talent your friend has, and you too.

  15. Anonymous12:16 AM

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  16. What a wonderful idea.

    I have an award for you!


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