Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little Red Shoes

Yesterday I received a letter from my favorite cousin's daughter, a lovely woman who was once the two-year-old flower girl in our wedding. She was announcing the birth of her baby daughter, Samantha Paige. What a cutie! The little one looks just like her mommy did when she was a baby! How exciting to have a new little girl in the family. Of course my mind set to work, thinking about an appropriate and special baby gift. Something handmade by me was the first criteria --- and for that I'm sending something embroidered in an appropriate theme for a new baby girl. Something girly to wear seemed in order as well, so I searched for just the right little outfit --- a sweet little green dress dotted with red roses, covered buttons, and tiny fabric ruffles. A hat to match and cute little bloomers came with the dress. The outfit was completed by the cutest pair of vintage red shoes that I found at my favorite shop on Elm Street. I was delighted to have an opportunity to buy them! I've been admiring them for awhile.

This got me thinking about red shoes. I love red shoes! I think every woman should have at least one pair! There is something beautiful and appealing about red shoes; shoes that make you feel beautiful and accessorized to perfection. Although I don't wear my red shoes often, I always make sure I have at least one pair in my closet. They seem to perk up an outfit that might be just a little too conservative otherwise. They go well with black or navy, and look great with both a suit and dress or jeans and jacket. I seem to have more than my 'one' necessary pair right now. Such fun!

I thought it would be interesting to do a little research about 'red shoes'. What is their meaning? What to they exemplify? Generally we think if Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when we think of red shoes. Her shoes represented magical powers and the value of there being 'no place like home'. But 'red shoes' can also represent dancing and a little girl named Karen in the tale by Hans Christian Anderson (1845). A wickedly scary fairytale, the happy ending is supposed to justify the middle horrors of the tale. Other fairy tales also incorporate 'red shoes' into their tales and you can read about them here. In the process of my research I came across a beautiful blog named Red Shoes. It's interesting --- showing the work of an artist who crafts such quirky things. If you look at her blog, be sure to note the children's flashcards used as wall art in the master bedroom. Hers is Q for queen and his an F for father. So creative! Lastly, we must not forget the most fashionable of the candidates running for the vice-presidential office this year. No matter what your political persuasion, you can't deny that Sarah Palin's shoes are a statement, to be sure. I understand that they are her signature --- red shoes!

Do you have a pair of red shoes? Do you wear them often? What do you wear them with? Why do you like them? Do you have any interesting experiences to share about your red shoes? I'd love to hear about them! Comments welcome!

[I am really enjoying the comments to this post. Thank you for your fun reactions and stories! I'm wearing a pair of red shoes today. What about you?]


  1. Those tiny little red shoes are darling! I have loved red shoes since I was a little girl.

    I only have one pair of red shoes now... a low heeled dress shoe that looks nice with anything, even jeans. They make me feel so happy when I wear them. I think I'm just about due to find another pair of reds for myself!

    Have a beautiful day!
    Nita Jo

  2. I love red shoes! I don't have a current pair in my closet. I need to get me some. But I remember many years ago when I was in business college (years before I decided to become a nurse and only wear white shoes) I had a pair of red heels that I loved to wear with black dresses or white dresses. Your blog makes me want to go shoe shopping...

  3. Anonymous12:25 AM

    I loved this blog entry, La Donna. But honestly, I don't remember ever owning a pair of red shoes. I think they would make my size 8 feet look even bigger.
    That said, I may go shopping for a pair of red sparkly shoes just because I don't have any.

  4. I had a pair of red leather 3" heels that I loved. I was job hunting in Charlottesville, Virginia. I sent out several resumes and lined up an interview for an office manager position. I wore my red shoes. I got the job and the woman that hired me told me the shoes had a lot to do with her choice. She had never seen anyone bold enough to wear red heels to a job interview! It turned out to be one of the best jobs I have ever had. Sadly, the shoes now make me scream when I try to wear them. It's a bummer getting old!! :)

  5. Okay, I'm off to buy a pair of red shoes! I used to have a pair of red pumps, which I wore a lot, but they got scuffed and worn, so I had to pitch them. You've persuaded me that I NEED a pair of red shoes in my closet. In fact, yesterday I did some clothes shopping for myself (a rare event) and I bought a red sweater with navy pants. Now I'm thinking how snappy it would look to have a pair of red flats to go with the outfit! I agree that every woman needs a pair of red shoes. And maybe a red dress! (I have two). :-)

  6. I always must have a pair of red shoes in my closet. Right now they are a pair of mary janes, which I love wearing with jeans and a red corduroy jacket. I must wear them tomorrow.

    Love, love, love the little red shoes. What a perfect gift.

  7. I must find a pair of red shoes for my grandgirlie to wear at Christmas. I have a pair of red heels, kind of a deeper understated red, that I wear with a red leather jacket to perk up a pair of jeans. . .oh yah . . love them.
    Such a great find, those baby shoes. Well done.

  8. OH and Martha. . I'm a 8.5 and I wear red shoes. . not a problem.

  9. I loved this blog post LaTea! What fun! And the pics are wonderful. Are all of those red shoes your own? I'm proud of you if so.

    I have a couple pair of red shoes. I don't wear them often just because I am mostly a homebody. When do I wear the Reds? With jeans, with my LBD, with black trousers and my red hounds tooth jacket.

    I almost bought another pair (cute mary janes) the other day while out shopping with my 21 yo daughter. I resisted temptation.


  10. I'm so happy I've inspired y'all to join me in wearing red shoes! And yup, except for the 'baby ones' they are all mine. But --- I've never worn the high heeled ones --- yet. I bought them at a thrift store's half price sale. They were next to nothing and so cute (and somewhat uncomfortable to my feet used to low shoes). But, they are fun to look at and 'have' for a special occasion. Don't worry -- they were practically new and REALLY cheap!

  11. Anonymous7:34 AM

    you've inspired me to look for red! One question...where do I get the cute ankles to go with those shoes? :)
    Great post!

  12. Those little red shoes are the cutest!

    I do have a pair of red shoes, and I mostly wear them with jeans. They're open-toed, with a 2-inch heel. Not the most comfy, but I don't wear them on long walks!

    Many sweet blessings!

  13. No red shoes, but that's how I feel about my fake leopard print shoes and my fake python bag! :-)

  14. I LOVE red shoes and have had many pairs through the fact, red is my favorite color! My favorite is a pair of Born clogs. Love them!

  15. I do not own a pair of red shoes but feel now that I must!


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