Monday, October 13, 2008

Lovella's Mountain

Lovella over at "What Matter's Most?" posted a lovely picture of Mt. Baker on her blog today. What a beautiful view from her own yard! I smiled when I read her post today, and thought it such a coincidence that I had taken a picture of the very same mountain yesterday, but from a little different perspective. My perspective was the view of mountain from my dad's house. I will admit that when I took the picture, I thought of Lovella, although I didn't know she would be blogging the mountain today too! So Lovella, this one's for you! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!


  1. How special that you both captured the same mountain. It was fun to see both of your views. I enjoyed catching up on your blog, seeing autumn arrive, and even a little snow on the mountain!

  2. It's a little like blogging isn't it?. . .we all share from our hearts. . .and see things a bit differently. . .thank you for thinking of me. . that in itself makes my heart warm. . and the picture. . oh. .how. .fun.
    Have a wonderful Canadian Election Day!!

  3. Hi LaTeaDah,
    What fun to get these two perspectives on Mt. Baker. Hope your week is going well...

  4. Always enjoy your blog and thanks for sharing your perspective on the mountain. I enjoyed visiting Lovella's perspective also.

  5. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I love your view of Mt. Baker. I visited Julie from Pearls In a Nutshell back in May, and we took so many beautiful pics of that mountain. I feel especially fond of it now. I watched it slowly disappear as we flew away ... but I'll be back to see it again next year.

  6. Anonymous5:42 PM

    It just goes to show what a small world we really live in :>) I loved your picture of the lake. It looks so beautiful and peaceful.

  7. Such a beautiful photo...the mountains are so pretty.
    Just checking in to see how you are doing

  8. Anonymous12:14 AM

    This view of Baker is similar to the one that I saw growing up in Snohomish County and like I saw on the Peninsula this summer. But Lovella isn't far from my folks and my adult years in WA were spent in Whatcom County, so when I see her view, that is "my" mountain! :o)

    I haven't been reading blogs for awhile. I'm enjoying catching up - too much to comment on, but I didn't realized how much I missed it here until I came back!


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