Saturday, June 28, 2008

Uniquely Made

"There you are. . .how wonderful! How unique you are, not "Made in Japan" but made in your mother's womb. A factory needs plenty of light; God was so smart he could make you perfectly in the dark.

That cowlick of yours, the length of your toes, your upper lip --- he made all of you, and you are therefore very special and precious.

The timing of your life is also unique. This is what Psalm 139 says: not only are you one-of-a-kind, but so is your life. Your particular birth-to-death span was planned by God 'way beforehand.

Have you become aware of a developing pattern in your personal life? Is there something inside of you like a time-release capsule; every so often does something softly explode within you; are new gifts released, or new interests, or new opportunities?"

Anne Ortlund*
Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman
[Word Books 1984]

May your life be triggered with a new gentle explosion --- or even a total revolution! How exciting to find the new adventures, avenues, and passages that God has planned for us as we look forward to new stages in our lives. Is your life evolving and changing in the passage of time? Each of us passed through life passages. Sometimes it seems easier to cling to the past, as it seems safe and comfortable. Giving up a life-period that was meaningful can be difficult. But life changes, and each stage can be just as exciting and adventuresome as the ones left behind. New goals, a renewed focus on what is important, and great adventures await!

In the next few weeks I will be reading one of my all-time favorite books and will share tidbits and pieces of it that especially speak to me. I hope you are blessed by them as well. Check out the book if you'd like to read along.

*Prolific writer and speaker; composer of songs and hymns; organist for the radio program "Old-Fashioned Revival Hour" for many years; and help-meet to Ray Ortlund, former speaker of "Haven of Rest" and founder of "Renewal Ministries".


  1. hello. . Haven of Rest was my mom's all time favorite radio broadcast. She would sit and listen with her little book that they would send out. She had and now I have the blue song book that had all the haven of rest songs. I love to sit at the piano and play some of those old favorites.

    . .. . what is this? we are blog of the week? You are tooo sweet. Thank you for sending friends our way.

  2. Thank you for sharing the comment from Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman. It is one of my favorites.

  3. Such wonderful words. A reminder we need to hear. Often. I have many memories of "Haven of Rest" and "Old-Fashioned Revival Hour" as a small child. They are memories I cherish. Part of the foundations of my life. Can't wait for you to share from your favorite book. ~Adrienne~

  4. I need to re-read that book! It is one I've read a few times and have shared with friends. I look forward to your posts from Anne's book. It will be an encouragement to us all.

    I share your interest in her words,

  5. What a special word for me to read this Sunday morning...yes, I'm noticing that changes are in the wind and that life is about to go in new and exciting directions.

  6. Anonymous7:21 AM

    What a lovely precious reminder of the fact that each of us is special and that not because of our striving, although we are called to excellence, but to the gracious work of God in our creation, salvation and discipleship walk.
    Blogs such as yours have lifted me from just concentrating on quilting, but moving back to my other interests such as hospitality, gardening, cooking and just having the things around me reflect something of the glory of our creator.

  7. I read that book many years ago when I was a new believer and enjoyed it a lot. It's funny the things you remeber. She said something about how she always got up,showered,dressed and got ready for the day before she sat down for her quiet time with the Lord because she didn't think he should have face us with our morning breath , uncombed hair etc :)

  8. Lovely thought for the day!

  9. I remember this book and the Ortlund's ministries well. What a great quote. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of this time...

  10. I loved this. I remember reading this book years ago, think it would be worth a re-read...


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