Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Moon Illusion

If you are a romantic, you'll not want to miss viewing the moon tonight! Tonight as the moon rises it will appear larger than when in the horizon overhead. This is called a moon illusion and will be particularly noticeable at this "solstice moon," as it is just two days before summer starts here in the Northern Hemisphere. The reason for this, according to NASA, is that the high solstice sun this week means that the moon is especially low and horizon-hugging, giving a strong impression of illusion to all who view it. Just a little tidbit, but interesting just the same. Enjoy!


  1. I had just heard something about this full moon being somehow special - and was about to investigate - and there was your post ! Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the info...I'll be out with camera hoping for a moon over lake shot or a moon over country path...that sounds good, eh?

  3. Thanks for the heads up! I hope I remember to walk out and check it out...

  4. Thanks to Vee, at 'A Haven for Vee,' I have come over to see what is so special about tonight's Full Moon.

    How lovely! There will be a 'moon illusion' tonight... of it being larger when rising. I knew of this happening for the Harvest Moon. {But I've never hear this called by the lovely name of "moon illusion." Thank you for that.} How wonderful that it will happen tonight too.

    And it is special, isn't it? Just for being a Solstice Moon? So near to Midsummer Night's Eve.

    What a lovely photo you have here, in this entry. So moon-like a rose. Perhaps you would like to visit in my blog some time, to see the lovely 'Old Roses' and numerous flowers, which my husband grows. I don't have his 'green thumb,' but I love to photograph his flowers. They are such a joy to add to my on-line-journaling, during the growing season. {Sometimes I even put them in my winter-time entries, to raise the spirits a little. -smile-}

    Thank you for what I learned from you! A very Happy Full June Strawberry Moon to you. May you have cloudless skies and take many lovely photographs! {Here, I doubt my luck, as clouds keep rolling in.... -sigh-} Take some moon photos for me, please. :-)

    Smilnsigh blog

  5. Ah yes, the moon was spectacular here as well. I saw it rise over the barn and paused to enjoy it.


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