Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tasha's Art

Tasha Tudor, Illustrator
Pictures from the book: Betty Crocker's Kitchen Gardens

1971 (Written by Mary Mason Campbell)


  1. This was a beautiful tribute La Donna. Her contributions to art and literature will remain great, but she will be sadly missed.

  2. Sorry to learn this. The world did lose a wonderful person.

    But I'm not sorry for her, because she lived an amazing life. And she lived it, totally as she wished to live it. How wonderful is that? How many people get to live such a life? Not many. Not many.

    And she sounded as if she would be ready to go, when her time came. She often said that when that time came, she was going right back to the 1830's where she felt she had lived before, and felt she belonged. I hope this is possible for her.

    I'm sure she rests in peace. Might we all live such a full and self-directed life!

    I will always love you Tasha...

    'Smilnsigh' blog

  3. Oh the artwork is lovely. I confess I hadn't known about this artist. .and now I'll be looking for her illustrations.

  4. Her illustrations are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I will miss her, too. I loved her work and found her lifestyle inspiring. This was a lovely tribute.

  6. I like your two tribute to Tasha Tudor's posts so much that I posted about her and gave your blog address in my post. I also linked to your blog on my list of garden blogs.
    I am writing a book on gardening (soon to submit to publishers) and in the marketing section of my book proposal I picked Tasha Tudor as my "dream" endorser.
    Well, she is in Heaven now. I so admire her.


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