Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Linen and Lavender

"Good master, let's go to that house, for the linen looks white and smells of lavender."

Evan Isaac Walton (1682)

Lavender: Royal Velvet
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  1. Is the lavender blooming in Eastern Washington. Mine is nice and green but no purple buds have peeked out yet.

  2. Is it lavendar time for you again? I remember your photos from last yr. Just popping in to say hello!

  3. I remember fondly all the Lavender posts you did last year and loved them, there can NEVER be to many !!! I wish the fragrance would come through my computer...

  4. I love lavendar. And linen(s). I think I should make sure my linen smells like lavendar. What a wonderful thought. ~Adrienne~


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