Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Tea Gown

In a small book, called Recipe for an English Tea, there is a page that talks about the 'absolutely necessary tea gown'. It describes it as 'A loose easy garment. . .' The thoughts given on this page create a word picture of cozy loveliness!

". . .the subject of the tea gown. . .delightful and dear to the feminine mind. . .the tea gown is welcome in. . .days of blazing fires and cosy meals by lamplight."

"At least one tea-gown is an absolute necessity to every woman, for nothing can quite take its place. when coming home from a long walk or a weary round of calls on a cold, dull day, no-one can deny that it is pleasant to think that on reaching home one's tight outdoor costume can be exchanged for a loose, easy garment, in which one can enjoy tea and a chat in front of the fire before dressing for dinner."

Hmmmm, delightful thoughts, but I generally sip my tea in jeans and a sweatshirt! Maybe it's time to shop for a 'tea gown'!

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  1. Tea gowns are often so pretty, I have a friend who wears edwardian or Victorian influenced clothing every day to work. She is the secretary at the local elemenary school. She always looks like she is floating down the hall. The children adore her and give her more respect than anyone else. She is in her 60's. Wears her long hair up and is delightful.


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