Thursday, April 06, 2006

French Toile

French Toile ["twall"] is a classic decorating pattern that has been around since the 1800's. Always in style, it is an extremely popular design. It's timeless quality is partly due to the limited colors used in creating this design. With a background that is usually cream or white, the design is printed in blue, white, black/charcoal or red. Considered an elegant and romantic fabric, Toile is frequently used alone, although it goes well with stripes and plaids. The rhythm on the fabric is curved with a scene that repeats over and over again. Scenes from daily life are depicted. Frequently illustrated in this design are peasants working in fields, exotic landscapes, and cherubic angels. Suitable for both formal and informal rooms, it is extremely popular for dining room and bedroom decor. The recent surge in the decorating trend for shabby chic design makes Toile a popular pattern, as it gives a sense of age that goes along with the distressed furniture scheme. French Toil prints are popular for upholstery, drapes, bedspreads, wallpaper, and china.

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