Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Seasons & Bliss

Seasons come and go, passing casually by as though it's the most natural thing in the world. And it is! Although sometimes we as humans can tend to choose worry and care to get in the way of the enjoyable elements that the seasons bring. 

Late summer on the mountain brings a bit of coolness that is appreciated by all! The earth is dry and dusty. Plants that have flourished all summer are starting to die back and turn golden. The wild animals seem to be more active than they were just a few shorts weeks ago. What seem like huge cougar tracks in the dust outside the kitchen door give me cause to pause a moment each time I open the door to go outside.

There's just enough extra heat outside to make me appreciate the coolness within the cabin walls. Enjoyable times working on crochet projects or reading good books have kept me happy and content. I'll admit to a nap now and then as well. The bliss of summertime.

A late afternoon walk reveals beautiful light among the ridges and hollows of the mountain range in the distance. The meadow is dry and crunchy underfoot.

As the sun goes down our mountain ridge creates a shadow on the mountain ridge across the watershed valley. Light and shadow. A straight line delineating such contrast. We sit and observe the change until we decide it really is getting shadowy enough that we need to walk out to the gate and head on home.

Through the dark woods we walk, observing signs of bear and a multitude of elk along the way. Bear trees (that's what we call them) show where bear have been searching for ants and other bugs. And large areas of bedding places for a herds of elk reveal crushed leaves, trampled grass, and many hoof prints. Their fragrance has been left behind. A pair of white-tailed deer shyly look our way before they scamper off the other direction. 

Twilight. The time of day when eyes try to adjust and it is not all that easy to see. I keep alert for wild animals until the sun settles just low enough into the sky to shine on my path! Such beauty! Such joy. The end of a lovely day.


  1. Lovely photos! I too love the change of seasons, though they be a little later for me here in Texas!


  2. Beautiful photo's, makes me long for the cooler fall temperatures.

  3. Sounds almost heavenly... The cougar tracks not so much. Beautiful photos and wonderful captures of the changing light.

  4. What a beautiful place to relax and enjoy a bit of time away from 'life'!

  5. It does sound like bliss, but peacefulness too.
    I would love sitting there reading and napping with a cup of tea or walking in the woods.

  6. And a lovely blog post too! Especially enjoyed the discussions of light and shadow. Wonderful!


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