Saturday, August 31, 2013

Puppy Love & Blogging

Greetings! Autumn nears and with that, anticipation of cooler weather grows! It's time to start blogging again!

This cute little puppy agrees! She came to visit me yesterday. Isn't she precious? So cute! She's six weeks old and a mix of chihuahua and shih tzu. 

Sweet puppy breath. Adoring eyes. Cuddles.

She needs a name. Any ideas? Can you hear a name or moniker calling to her? What would it be?

She belongs to my friend, Tari. Last night was her first night in her new home. I wonder how she did? I suspect she was cuddled all night long.

I hope you, dear reader, are doing well and that your summer was fun, blessed, and happy! I'm looking forward to the resumption of blogging. Here's hoping for creative, thoughtful days ahead! 

Bye for now...

{Tari decided to name her puppy SuzieQ}


  1. Oh what a cutie. Drawing a blank with on a good name.

  2. Not sure if it went thru so doing it again.


  3. Well howdy, Stranger! Lovely to find you here. What a cutie pie, but anyone with a name as cute as Tari will have no troubles naming her wee pup.

  4. How cute! Is she a give-a-way? Ha!

  5. Hi there, So glad to see you. The little lass is so cute-I would name her Patches-because of her markings and also you are showing her on a patchwork quilt.
    Thanks for sharing; have a great weekend.

  6. So very happy to see you back. What a cutie pie! I would be cuddling her all night too. You will have to let us know when she has a name. What kind of puppy is she?

  7. Here I thought she was yours. She is so cute! How about Oreo?

  8. There is nothing like a puppy, nothing at all!

  9. Happy to have you back!

    Such a cute dog (even for this kitty lover). ;)

  10. My daughter votes for Cuddles. I say Wiggles! Alison also likes Oreo. Such fun! The BEST thing is to be able to play with a puppy and then send it HOME! ;) I bet your friend did not get much sleep last night! Doggie "Grandparenting" is, in my opinion, the BEST!

  11. So happy to see you're back blogging again! Love the cute puppy photos -- I have an eight-year-old niece who is absolutely crazy about dogs, and she would be in heaven playing with this cutie!

  12. She is such a little cutie!!! Looking forward to your posts!



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