Thursday, September 05, 2013

Tea & Chocolate

The traveling teapot visited my home this past summer. Earlier the teapot's March hostess, Teresa, shared a very educational and interesting post about pairing tea with chocolate. Did you read it? Do you remember it? 

It wasn't long afterwards that I received a package in the mail. It was from Teresa and it was sent with a lovely note from her in which she expressed thankfulness for being able to participate in the traveling teapot project. The package also contained all the same teas and chocolates that she had tasted during her tea pairing party. Everything was so nicely organized and thoughtfully put together. I decided to set it aside to enjoy when the little plum teapot caught up with the package and arrived at my house. It's now time to enjoy pairing tea and chocolate.

The tea selections are unique and varied; a real delight. Teresa has labeled each one after individually packaging them in tea sacs. The teas are Victorian Earl Grey, Strawberry Mint Lavender, Shu Puerh Vanilla Mint, Pai Mu Tan, Vanilla Black, Maple Delight, O'Connoer's Cream, Bossa Nova, Kaluna Lime, Red Robe Oolong, and Darjeeling.

The chocolates are Lavender Chocolate, Mint Tea Truffle, Birch Cream Caramel, Honey Cinnamon Truffle, and Key Lime White Chocolate. 

Pretty little menus which instruct of the pairings were included. So was a worksheet that charts the teas and chocolates and can be marked as tastings occur.

The teacup is ready. It's time to begin. A perfect way to start the day. Can it get any better than tea and chocolate?

The teapot and I feel most honored and thankful. Much appreciation goes to Teresa! The tea and chocolate tasting was wonderful! 


  1. Well certainly sounds wonderful! This is so out of my frame of reference that I must go read more! Thanks for introducing a new concept!

  2. I am in such deep trouble with Chocolate - everyday - under my counter in the food box - Oh boy!!! Your presentation was............."inspiring"!

  3. The teacup is so pretty and delicate looking...

  4. Oh yummy! That sounds like fun and I bet the tea and chocolates were really good. Haven't heard of some of those teas before but I do love trying different varieties. Rooibus and vanilla is a favorite right now. Was away for a while -- first with personal stuff and then with travel to the States so we could settle our son in at college so I haven't been around much. Trying to get back into the swing of things. Hope all is well with you. Tammy

  5. A very thoughtful gift!

  6. The teas sound wonderful and pairing them with chocolate makes it even better! Yum!

  7. How thoughtful of Teresa. What a special treat. And how nice to revisit the tea and chocolate tasting with the traveling teapot.

  8. Hello, so nice joining You for Tea.I'm Your newest follower-#250 :)I'll be now browsing your older post's to get to know You.Drop by for a chat and tea any time.Denise


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