Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Wedding Tea

I'm not sure what it is that makes life-long friends develop interests in the same kinds of things. Maybe it's because we subtly influence one another, or maybe it has something to do with the same era in which we were born. It really doesn't matter. What matters is that we have this bond! RuthAnn and I have been friends since we were fourteen or fifteen. In the early days of our friendship our interests ranged from sewing and fashion to passing notes between classes and boys (and not necessarily always in that order). As we matured, we passed through the wedding stage (we were bridesmaids in each others weddings; RuthAnn came home from her honeymoon early to be in mine). The baby stage was long and lengthy, as sometimes things don't happen as planned or desired. But thankfully, God saw fit to provide us both with children we cherish and enjoy. Long phone calls discussing child rearing and homeschooling followed. As we neared the magical numbers of "40" and "50" it became obvious that we both had a passion for "afternoon tea". It seems we really didn't influence one another in this passion, as we don't live nearby the other. But by letter and phone, we shared afternoon tea experiences, discovering that still our compatible friendship thrived. RuthAnn has used this passion to minister to all her friends. As they each turned "50", she's hosted a lovely Red Hat Tea for each one. You might remember seeing some of her tea party pictures posted here on Gracious Hospitality. Recently, her influence was seen in a new way. . .

RuthAnn's nearby friend, Karen, became the mother-of-the-groom recently, and her passion for afternoon tea (which I am certain was fostered by RuthAnn) was beautifully expressed in a wedding reception tea. From costumes to decor, the elegance and ease of afternoon tea was shared with guests. Karen's famous and perfect scones were baked, and tasty tea time treats in sweet and savory were prepared. Karen's lovely new daughter-by-marriage carefully collected teacups and saucers; enough for each guest. Each guest was gifted with the teacup and saucer at their place on the table. Soft music, hats, and leisure time for visiting with others made for a perfect afternoon. The joy of shared friendship works like ripples on a lake, spreading enthusiasm, joy, and fun to everyone around!

Thank you, RuthAnn, for sharing your photos with me and for allowing me to share your passion with Gracious Hospitality readers.

Karen teaches at the university that my son's attend. Unfortunately they aren't taking any nursing classes. She is a fantastic professor!


  1. My husband and I chose to have an afternoon high tea reception at our wedding almost a year ago... many of our friends were a bit dubious at first (unlike my parents and us they do not have a rich tradition of teas to draw on!) but everyone loved it and we are still getting compliments on the reception. I think it is a lovely way to bring people together to celebrate any event.

  2. Oh how lovely! I think the brides dress and headpiece/hat are fabulous!

  3. Weddings would be a perfect place for afternoon tea. Love it.


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