Wednesday, September 16, 2009


"Now here will I welcome my family and friends.
Be at home in this house, whosoever comes in
To share with me laughter and music and tears,
And don't mind the others who're living in here.
It's weathered and drafty, but solid and true.
Today it's my home, but I'm just passing through.
Please bless this old house, oh my dear Lord, I pray,
So the next generation can love it someday."

Sandra E. McBride


  1. Anonymous12:12 PM

    That's Beautiful!!

  2. OMY is that what I think it is in the pic?? I recognize the piece of hardware from a door including the glass door knob..bu u will have to describe to me exactly how it is finished..perhaps my poor vision but I haven't figured out the entire picture-is the hardware wrapped, painted, what? I do need new eye glasses :^(

  3. Jonell, the door knob is still on a piece of the original door. So the white part you see is painted wood (with the original paint). It's been cut out of the door to be used as a decoration or paperweight. Paula has it for sale in her shop --- I thought it very pretty.

  4. Love the words and the door knob. There is something so pretty about old door fixtures. I love taking pictures of them. Maybe it is the thought of welcoming.


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