Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Love Indian Summer

It's a beautiful time of year. Although it is technically a few weeks too soon to declare this officially "Indian Summer", these late days of summer are slowly fading into the magical expression of early autumn. Indian summer is a term used informally to describe the sunny and warm weather of autumn in the northern hemisphere. It requires warm days (usually about 70 degrees F) and pleasant skies. It's the time when the roses start to thrive again after summer's heat and when tomatoes are just coming into themselves on the vine. It's when the leaves start to turn brilliant and glorious colors on the trees. Metaphorically, this term refers to a late blooming of something after it has formerly lost its relevance. It's a revival of the early days of summer when gardens thrived and pleasant skies and gentle weather made it fun to be outside. Although Indian summer generally is noted as a period in October and November (before the first snowfall), it arrives earlier on the mountain, as cold nights bring autumn sooner there. Indian summer; a pleasant time to spend in nature, sharing with those you love. I think it's time to plan a campfire picnic around the fire pit, don't you? What are your plans for Indian summer?


  1. What a beautiful description.
    It is still hot here in South Texas, but I am ready and waiting for milder temperatures.

    have a great weekend,

  2. I share your love of this time of year! It brings out the best in so many things...color, warmth but not too warm, yummy food from the garden and thinking towards the holidays. I start some classes next week and that is what I will be doing. I feel like a kid!!

  3. We're arriving in Washington next Friday and I hope to sit around a nice firepit and enjoy a very crisp evening :0)

  4. Last year at this time we were in Minot, North Dakota and now we are in Tampa, Florida. It is still very warm and humid here but it is so nice to be able to be out and about. Probably will not ever feel an Indian Summer here, basically just go into a little bit cooler and less humid summer! Very nice post!

  5. A campfire picnic sounds like the perfect thing to do.

    We had a lovely crop of tomatoes earlier this year and now a new crop will soon start ripening. We will probably miss that, but Tim will enjoy them. We just picked our squash and one pumpkin and made a display on the front porch for fall.

  6. It sure does feel like Indian summer here also. Lovely collage of photos.


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