Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Cute Idea!

Paula has been busy creating new things out of old! I love this table that she has for sale in her shop. With her son's assistance, she made this pretty coffee table out of an old cabinet door and four spindles from a banister. A picture doesn't do it justice. It is a very sweet 'shabby chic' in pink and turquoise. The old pink paint, scratches, or dents just make it all the more endearing. Isn't it lovely?


  1. What a great idea! Someone is going to enjoy this one - makes me think of all the fun things you could put on it to decorate your home. ~Adrienne~

  2. Thanks for sharing this...what a great idea!

  3. What a creative idea. I like the pink and turquoise together. Turquoise is definitely growing on me, having the turquoise in my kitchen.

    I also looked again at the other pictures of Paula's shop and spotted a lovely pink tablecloth too.


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