Saturday, September 19, 2009

Aprons Tell a Story

Aprons tell a story and take us back in time. Although they were out of favor for a time, they are making a comeback as an artsy and creative way for women to express themselves. One of my mentors, Shirley, has taken the time to gather together aprons from the past. Each is created using a different technique or method. How interesting it is to see examples of the variety of styles and techniques she has exhibited in her collection. She shares how aprons take us back to important people, dates, and times. And how they implement imaginative use of patterns, fabrics, and embellishment techniques. Together, they show the artistic and inventive talents of women.

Some of Shirley's aprons displayed use these creative techniques: patchwork, tatting, Norwegian fisherman knitting, Seminole patchwork, smocking, crocheting, huck weaving, lacework, Lummi Indian weaving, pin-tucking, painted fabric, crocheted inserts, polka dot prints, dotted swiss and rick-rack, and hanky aprons.

How many of these needlework methods have you tried your hand at?


  1. It is delightful that you refer to her as a mentor. I fear there are so few women willing to extend themselves in that manner these days. What a blessing she must be to you.

  2. I have learned much from Shirley --- many things that I have implemented into my life practice. She's a great person.

  3. I never thought of aprons quite this way before, thank you for your post!

  4. I love the photo of all the colorful aprons. What a work of art.

  5. Love vintage aprons. Not necessarily on aprons, but I have tried patchwork, tatting, smocking, crocheting, painted fabric, and sewing rick-rack to little girl's dresses.

    What a lovely collection she has.

  6. Lovely blog. I'm not good at hand made things so I find this quite refreshing

  7. I have several of my grandmother's aprons. They are among my most treasured items!


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