Saturday, March 15, 2008


Finally. . .I found some wildflowers in my neighborhood! I can now post my last entry in the Wildflowers in Winter event which called for pictures of a wildflower from one's own locale. My walk around the block this afternoon was filled with many treats for the eye. Flowering apricot trees and bright yellow forsythia bushes looked cheerful against the intense blue of the sky. Friendly critters were curious about anyone passing by. And found along a grape vineyard and a blueberry patch were four different kinds of wildflowers in full bloom! Shepherd's Purse and Common Chickweed were offset by tiny purple blossoms in two varieties that grew in huge batches along the roadside. My quest is complete --- and now I can put Wildflowers in Winter to rest. It's time for spring!


  1. Good for you! I've looked and looked, but have found no wildflowers. Today we had snow again.

  2. So pretty! Our apricots just started opening too. So nice you found some wonder to enjoy on your walk. But it sure was cold this afternoon. Looks like there is piles of new snow up on the mountains again.

  3. I always enjoy visiting your blog. It captures beauty in the small things God has so graciously placed around us each day.


    PS. Have you seen our Tea Party ideas?


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