Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Cacophony

By this time of year, most of us are wishing for bright sunshine and clear days. But have you taken time recently to enjoy watching nature as the seasons change from winter to spring? The sky is sometimes a cacophony of breezes and shadow which can jangle the emotions, but sometimes those shadows are interspersed with bright sunshine. Huge puffy clouds are change from white and bright in a moments notice to a dark and angry black and gray. Passing showers water the earth and a few minutes later rays of sunshine beat down, triggering chlorophyll production in plants just starting to turn green. Sometimes I have to remind myself to live in the moment, enjoying each stage of the passing season. And to do my part in bringing cheer to garden and home by doing the little things that facilitate newness. Take a minute to look outside and enjoy the view. Even if spring hasn't quite arrived at your house, enjoy the moments along the way.

Photo: Storm clouds pass over the San Juan Islands on a recent spring day, but they don't slow down those who are enjoying the nature that surrounds them.

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