Monday, March 03, 2008

I just love the spout on this teapot! And note the elegant teacup shapes. The sugar bowl is perfectly symetrical and I love that the sugar tongs were not forgotten. Such a yummy tea party! Do you note how the wildflower stems all swirl the same way with those long stems? Lovely!
Thank you, Ginger and Gracelyn, for the lovely art. I am delighted to be able to post it for the wildflowers contest on your behalf.


  1. That spout on the tea pot would come in handy serving people all around the table! So cute!


  2. Anonymous11:51 PM

    I loved seeing these drawings. What a wonderful gift.

    Isn't it wonderful to look at these things through the eyes of children!


  3. Miss La Tea Dah, I am so glad you like our pictures and thank you so much for putting our pictures in the contest.

    You take very nice pictures of our drawings!


  4. Oh very sweet and then to see Miss Gracelyn (very pretty name by the way) leave a thank you . .oh so adorable.


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