Thursday, March 20, 2008

Commenting Ease

Hi friends,

Today I received a plea from a participant regarding their ability to comment on some blogs. So for your consideration, I will pass on a portion of an email I received from one of our Teacup-a-Story participants. As a Blogspot user, I didn't realize this problem and some of you may not either. Here is a portion of the message:

There are a great many bloggers who use Blogger/Blogspot/Google for their blogs who do not know that they need to make changes in their comment settings to allow more people to leave comments. I'm getting really tired of writing a nice comment on someone's blog only to find when I go to post it that they have not adjusted their comment area to allow WordPress, Typepad, and other non-Blogger users to leave comments.

If I really want to leave the comment, I will go to the trouble of using the Google/Blogger sign-in that I have only for that purpose so I can tell them about changing the settings. I then have to leave them my blog URL in the comment so they can find me.

It is a simple matter to tell Blogger to allow comments from Open ID users and people who will enter their name and URL. This will link the posting back to the commenter's blog. Anonymous comments can also be allowed, but I would only recommend this if they require comment moderation before a post goes online.

Thank you for your consideration. I hope this helps ease the commenting situation. Thank you for more excellent posts today. I am really enjoying reading your teacup stories!


  1. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Thank you for posting this. It's been very discouraging to constantly come upon blogs that have their comment section, usually unknowingly, closed to all but people with a Google/Blogger ID.

    If Blogger users add Open ID to their allowed commenters this will let WordPress and TypePad users leave comments that link to their blog. There is also a setting where folks can enter their name and URL so that their post will link back to them. Many people also allow Anonymous postings, too and just moderate the comments to make sure nothing slips by them they don't want to appear.

    If anyone has any questions about making the changes, please contact me. I look forward to reading your Blog-a-thon entries and leaving commments on many of them.

  2. Anonymous5:12 AM

    Oh I've been thinking this for weeks. It is especially helpful for blog carnivals where your post might end up being 5 days old. Much simpler to click right on the name with the post url and get straight to the post. Thanks for this!! I got so excited when blogger finally added this feature.

  3. Interesting! I'm going to check my settings...

  4. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Here!Here! I concur. If you're (those with the 'wrong' setting) wondering what we're talking about, notice La Tea Dah's comments. See how they allow extra options? Some don't and only allow another Google/Blogger user to comment. I too have run into this problem and usually don't return to that blog no matter how lovely because hey, I'm a talker-gotta leave a comment once and a while! lol

  5. Thanks for this explanation. I changed mine so "everyone" can participate. I've enjoyed participating in this Blog a Thon. I have seen so many different and beautiful teacups and the stories are facinating!

  6. Oh I didnt know about this until I joined a blog search website that said I needed to click Open ID to make the new account with them, I had no idea what that was but I did it, so I am glad I did, as now after reading your post I understand! Thank you so much,

    Priscilla x

  7. I hope a lot of people read this and fix their comment ID. I always feel badly when I can't comment to someone who has left a comment on my blog.

    I'm enjoying the Tea Blog-a-thon, and hope to have more time next week to read more posts, and make more comments. Easter week is a busy time!


  8. A welcomed email! I dashed over to check my blog, but luckily had it all ok. :)
    Thanks for the tip!
    Happy Easter, by the way!

  9. Anonymous11:33 AM

    This is so elegant and beautiful. The stitches and pattern are so delicate looking.

    A pleasure to stop by for a visit and browse.

  10. Anonymous12:58 PM

    THANK YOU for posting this! As your correspondent mentioned, it is particularly frustrating because you generally don't notice that the blogger/blogspot/google blog has done this until you've already written out your comment -- only to find that it has been a waste of time.

    (It's also really annoying on blog carnival giveaways to find that some are set so that only those with a blogger account can participate, because they're the only ones who can comment...but that's not the issue of your tea carnival, thankfully!)

  11. Thank you for the information...I'll go check my settings right now! (I understand the frustration!)

  12. Anonymous4:35 AM

    Great post LaTeaDah...I believe my setting has always allowed everyone but I am going to check it out. If anyone stops by and has trouble I hope you let me know as I appreciate each one of you.

    Kathi :)

  13. wonderful..
    i like it..


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