Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sunbonnet Sue

Several weeks ago I enjoyed a chat with Lucy from Quilting with the Past. We talked about an old quilt I found in a box of things that had come from my mother's house. Mom loved Sunbonnet Sue quilts and evidentially this is an old one that she found somewhere and purchased. I promised Lucy I would send her a picture of the quilt as soon as a sunny day came along when I could photograph. Today's the day! After several weeks of ice and snow, we have blue skies, sunshine, and temperatures near 70 degrees F. This quilt is very fragile. It was in great need of washing, so I soaked it in a tub of warm water and hung it up to dry. It survived the process quite well, although there are several stains that I think would come out if I washed it again, but the textiles are too age-worn to try again. Made with a muslin backing, it's completely hand-appliqued and hand quilted. I would love to know where mom found it --- and who made it. I suppose that now that it's all up to my imagination.

If you visit Lucy's blog, be sure to scroll down the page. Her blog was recently mentioned in the m0st recent issue of McCall's Quilting magazine. How fun to have a 'famous' friend!


  1. That is a beautiful quilt...I love the pattern! I'm glad that it survived the washing ok, and that it has such an appreciative owner. :)

    Thank you again for your sweet messages during my mother's illness and passing. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends!


  2. How beautiful! I can't see a Sunbonnet Sue and not remember the quilting class I took years ago. Sue was one of was my favorites that we sewed a sample of. More importantly it brings back the memory of the start of a friendship with Carolyn who has been my best friend for years now.

    I am so glad to see your sunshine. I saw flooding for your state and was concerned for you.

  3. What a charming quilt!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful quilt! I LOVE it!! I will definitely make a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt on day. Are you going to enjoy me ??

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  6. What a beautiful quilt. Your mom was a very talented lady. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  7. I have been browsing through one year of your blog, than I had to stop. I enjoyed every page of it!! But never in my life have I seen so much lavender!!! I have got only one tiny little schrub :(
    Wish you a blessed Season!!

  8. That's adorable!!


  9. Your mother left you so many treasures and sweet memories. Thank you for sharing.

  10. What a treasure that is ! You are truly blessed to have these wonderful quilts from your mom!


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