Tuesday, December 11, 2007

By careful observation, many interesting and frequently unnoticed things can be discovered on nature walks. This quiet road around the wildlife refuge pond leads right past an osprey nest! Bug and snake tracks can be seen in the summer, but on this walk I found none. It's too cold. Instead I followed literally dozens of coyote tracks in the sandy soil. They must have been sleeping in a hollow somewhere, because I didn't see any, but at nigh time they frequently put up a real howl! They can make a very wild and lively chorus! Near this spot I came upon a quiet pool and unwittingly surprised four or five white swans that were sleeping soundly. One had his head tucked way back under his wing feathers! They were surprised at the human company and flew away suddenly. It seemed like lift-off took forever as they slowly lumbered upwards and flew off into the distance. If they'd only realized that I meant them no harm they could have stayed and continued their nap.

Little tidbits of nature, time for exercise, and a break from routine can help lift the spirits and give us a healthy break from the duties of life. I believe nature is God's second book, and what a beautiful book it is! I hope you can find some time for a nature walk today. . .and may it help you enjoy the real meaning of Christmas!

Happy Holidays!!!

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  1. I believe the same thing about nature. These pictures make me miss the southeastern part of Washington!


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