Sunday, December 02, 2007

Simple Living in December

It's difficult to believe that December is here already. It doesn't seem that long ago that lavender farms and pulling weeds were the focus of my days. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas passed quickly. The holiday season gives opportunity for traditions, time with family, and giving. It can also bring stress and a 'to do' list that is miles too long. Learning to prioritize and discard that which is not necessary can be helpful during the holiday season. In the newspaper yesterday there was a short information column that refers to a ministry that was started more than 30 years ago in protest of the commercialization of Christmas. Their website presents some excellent ideas for alternative gift giving and suggestions for reducing stress. They also list "10 Tips for a Simpler, More Meaningful Christmas". Their website can be found here: Simple Living.

What are your ideas for taking the stress out of Christmas? Do you have simple techniques that can improve the quality of this traditional holiday and reduce the stress that it so often brings?

One way to simplify is to enjoy the holiday decorating others have done and reducing what you require of yourself at home. This beautiful wreath is displayed in a local restaurant window and brings beauty to the season where it can be enjoyed by many.


  1. How timely your post is. I was just thinking today I want to keep my holiday month simpler. I am using simpler decorations this year ( partly because of a kitten in the house!) and we are not doing any outside decorations. Breaking down my "to-dos" by day and week from now until Christmas helps me also. keep my students busy and be structured in class since this is also a stressful time for them. I am eager to check out that site.

  2. Anonymous6:14 AM

    ...Great post!! I do appreciate what others do with out pulling my own hair out with the decos....

    ..BTW.. I love the Jan. quilt sq. I wish I knew how to quilt!

  3. I'm doing a lot less this year. Living in California most of year and just being up here for a season makes it impossible to fuss much...
    A blessing in disquise!
    Blessings on you and yours.

  4. I too am decorating less....especially inside as dh does the outside....and probably not baking....I know...maybe will go to daughters and help her out...but nothing major here...the fibro is too bad...and I am just not up to it...and frankly just don't to spend all the money on fattening foods...

  5. Hi La Tea Dah - Great, great post. I agree with simplicity. I think what I struggle with is "over-comittment" and being able to say no. It's very easy to schedule too much, and then the family suffers!


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