Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions are passed down through families. Sometimes they change with time, evolving into something different than the original, but uniquely meaningful to the family they serve. Traditions also blend together, melding into new traditions when couples marry and start homes of their own. Some traditions are carried on exactly as remembered, and other are discarded. Finding the joy of the Christmas season requires that the traditions serve us rather than us becoming slaves to them. Sometimes a tradition is celebrated sporadically, maybe not every season, but during key times when family visits or the celebration is at home rather than at someone else's house. What are traditions that you cherish in your family?


  1. Christmas eve service-the best is always a candle light service but these seem to be more rare.

    Whole wheat cinnamon rolls and mom's white handprints on her pants from the flour!

    The same stockings we've had for over 20 years with oranges, chocolates, and lifesavers guaranteed to be inside.

    Bing Crosby on the stereo singing Christmas carols.

    I hope you have a Christmas that is Merry and Bright! :-)

  2. I love all these posts about family traditions and recipes. My sister has taken a country every year for about nineteen years and done a dinner for Christmas Eve. She has taught her daughters the traditions and we all eat a wonderful feast. This year we are tasting and celebrating France.
    Mom's Christmas morning bread is Hungarian Coffeecake right out of Betty Crocker. We also have certain dishes every year for Christmas Dinner. The pictures of the boys are precious.

  3. My husband and I do a communion after the children go to bed. Just he and I .


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