Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas in the Desert

Christmas decor takes on a desert aire when evergreens are not plentiful. We enjoyed decorated mesquite along one roadway we traveled. Ten to fifteen decorated trees were embellished by a variety of themes for several miles along our route.


Honoring American soldiers


Red Hat Society

Merry Christmas

Extra sparkles!!! They really show up in the desert sunshine!

Enjoy a lovely day and your Christmas decor, no matter what style or design you share!


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I've never been in a desert over the holidays, and I never really thought about how they would decorate along the way. Very interesting!

  2. . . .and here I imagined you snug as bugs up at the cabin. I would have never guessed the dessert. Your tree pictures are great.

  3. It is amazing how our holidays look a bit different depending on where we live! We were blessed this Christmas with a snowfall, a real rarity for us! But somehow that just said "Christmas" to me. But Christmas in the desert would be a whole new experience! Special none the less.
    Enjoy the upcoming holiday,

  4. beautiful decorations. Mary

  5. glad you celebrated a wonderfully merry christmas! the pictures are fabulous!

  6. Viva la differance'
    or something like that...
    very clever....

  7. A Happy anniversary to you, It looks like you passed through Utah. How far south did you make it?

  8. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Thanks for sharing ..I have never been in a place like this, but looks pretty.

  9. Our first christmas in Southern California, I missed the snow so much so Emery drove me out to the dessert and I got to see decorated Joshua trees with snow on them. Christmas is wonderful just about any place we are with the right attitude : )

  10. Welcome home, LaDonna! I've missed your posts. :o)

    Thanks for sharing the desert photos...they're incredible.

  11. What fabulous decorations!
    Happy belated Anniversary and Christmas.

    Have a wonderfully blessed NEW YEAR!

    Sandy :)

  12. Now that's cool! Decorating Mesquite trees in the desert. I like it!


  13. What beautiful decorations! I hope this Christmas season has been full of much joy for you.


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