Saturday, December 01, 2012

Where Would That Place Be?

Do you have a favorite winter get-away?

Someplace where the sound of waves offers tranquility and peace?

Where light and shadows create beautiful effects?

And man-made objects provide points of interest?

Where would that place be for you?


  1. My favorite winter get-away! Somewhere (even in my own home) a cup of tea, lights turned off, a little candle light, sitting in front of the fire place.!


  2. I like the places you pictured. I'd like to be somewhere that the view is large and not restricted by buildings.

  3. Oh I have no winter getaway... Kinda sad when I think about it.

    I'll tell you what's sad! Not finding your blog on my blogroll. As mentioned, I lost my entire blogroll widget in a fluke accident and I just assumed that it was rebuilt. I've been down through my old-fashioned list and thought everything was good. To think I used to work as a proofreader for a living!

    Anyway, I know where I'll be tomorrow afternoon with a pot of tea. Right here going back and seeing all that I've missed.

  4. My favorite winter get-away is Nye Beach, Oregon and staying at the Sylvia Beach Hotel with a good book, sitting by the fire, sipping tea, and taking breaks to watch the waves break against the sand below.


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