Sunday, December 02, 2012

Reminders While Shopping

Have you ever noticed that sometimes things you observe while shopping remind you of a friend you have? Does it make you smile? The cute little pigs above remind me of my friend, Pinky! Aren't they cute? 

Sometimes some unusual things can be seen while on a shopping trip. This is especially so when visiting quaint little tourist-type towns.

But it you look carefully, you will be sure to find things that make your spirits soar! How about an antique shop called "Made in England"?

Or a sign that says "Tea for Two". Now, doesn't that sound nice?

Now --- is a good time for a cuppa!


  1. Yes, fun to find discoveries as we go about our days!

  2. Fun and inviting signs. It's great to take notice of the signs...

  3. Always something fun to find if we are aware of our surroundings. Hope all is well! Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Smiling! It is fun to be reminded of friends when shopping. I love the pictures you send me!

  5. Hi LaDonna...Oh, I always think of friends while would like this and one would like that, etc. I love getting presents but I also LOVE buying them for others. Susan

  6. Discovery adventures are the very best.
    Did you find a tea shop on your discovery tour?
    I hope so, or maybe you held the tea for family as the "tea mum"?

  7. I'd happily shop in the Made in England store and, yes, I'd love a cup of tea. I'm still planning to return some afternoon with my tea pot full of Honey Chamomile. It won't be today and may not be tomorrow, but one day...


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