Friday, December 28, 2012

Tea is More

"Tea is much more than a mere drink in Britain. It is a solace, a mystique, an art, a way of life, almost a religion. It is more deeply traditional than the roast beef of old England....This khaki-colored concoction, brewed through an accident of history from an exotic plant grown thousands of miles from fog, cricket and left-handed driving, has become the life-blood of the nation."

Cecil Porter of Gemini News Service

Falling Tea Leaves: Oriental Beauty Oolong


  1. It's certainly becoming great solace to me. I had a pot of tea all brewed when my niece, a tea lover, arrived for lunch the other day. I said, "A cup of tea?" She said, "Any coffee?" I said, "Later. Now you're having tea!" Hahahha...we both had a good laugh over that.

  2. Fun quote. Love those clear tea pots...

  3. nice quote and love the photos. love the idea of khaki-colored concoction.


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