Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This November Day

The seasons changed quickly this year! A late and pleasant summer gave way to a few weeks of autumn, and then cold, wintry weather set in. 

Today the freeway over a nearby mountain pass was closed to all traffic. Fortunately, Dad and Alma, who were on their way here for a visit, passed through it yesterday without delay. They arrived on their way home after an eight-thousand mile road trip around the United States. We were their first and last stops as they made a huge look-around America. 

Dampness, gray skies, and a chill in the air make staying inside quite appealing. The pellet stove keeps the house cozy and warm. A basket of yarn sits by my chair, and I've been enjoying crochet during breaks from chores throughout the day. My teacup has been filled with Ambessa Choco Nut Black Tea sweetened with a touch of stevia and a splash of soymilk. Crock pots have been filled with soups: potato; vegetable with sauerkraut and spinach; and lima bean with carrots and celery. The bread baker has been busy too, providing ambient heat in the kitchen. The dogs cuddle up to cushions in the armchairs in the family room and sleep the afternoons away. Such simplicity. Such luxury. So many blessings.

How have you been on these November days?


  1. Sounds cozy! I'm glad your family has arrived safely.

  2. Wow that sounds like quite an amazing road trip! Glad they arrived safe at your place!

  3. I am glad your dad and alma made a safe trip. That is quite an adventure they had. Your days sounds so cozy and warm and lovely. I am hoping for a day or two like that soon.

  4. Wow! That's a road trip. I did 3000 miles or so the last time we were in the States. Staying on the road that much was a little harrying at times. Sounds like you are enjoying the cooler weather all cozy inside with soup and bread and crochet. Sounds lovely! Best wishes, Tammy

  5. I love your post. I have been rediscovering my crockpot this fall. I have been able to do more quilting lately too. So fun. So many blessings.


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