Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Brown Teapot Raises Hope-Refreshed

As you start a new home, I pass on this teapot,
brown-glazed, old and squat, unlovely, yes. . .

But it's more than a receptacle for tea,
having long experience in brewing endurance,
containing patience and dispensing courage.

Clasp trembling hands about this treasure
when the need asserts itself.

Over a steaming cup the lump of grief ---
intolerable at times ---
softens, and bitterness dissolves.

With clearer eyes one looks
through this amber well at truth,
and rises hope-refreshed.

Unfailingly with me it has been thus. . .
with you also let it be.

Anonymous poem


  1. Hi La Tea Dah...Enjoy your tea today! Susan

  2. What a beautiful poem!
    I must remember to give a teapot when someone moves into a new home.

  3. A lovely poem that can carry us through the hard times :-)

  4. Whay a wonderful poem! And I love your stoneware teaset!


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