Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pretty & Serene

Sometimes it's nice to take a break and look at something pretty. Pictures of pretty things help make the day serene when life's duties start to grate on the nerves. I love this idea for a bulletin board! A wire gate with pretty papers clipped on with clothespins and the word PINK on a yellow wall; wow! How about those fabric covered photo albums? They make a great place for pictures, recipes, or notes you want to keep.

Pincushion, anyone? The Knoty Girls Stitchery Club thinks this one is perfect! So do I!

Plain buttons and old dishes make a perfect combination, especially when paired with a vintage napkin.

An old sewing machine on a drop-leaf table, surrounded by beautiful lace curtains and a soft, embroidered quilt creates a scene that would make such a good story starter. A writing project, perhaps? Or should I say: A stitching project perhaps?

Exquisite quilts, all carefully hand-stitched in flosses and colors that create heirlooms for favored family and friends. In this case, it looks like life is a bucket of cherries, not a bowl!

Breath deeply. Relax. Content.

Pictures of Meg's studio at Crabapple Hill


  1. Lovely images all. Sigh. My sewing/craft room looks nothing like it. It's not doing a thing for creating calm.

  2. ahhhh I feel so relaxed now. Thank you for the respite.

  3. Beautifully serene! I have a dark cupboard in my kitchen that I've thought about painting white -- it was to be on my list of projects to complete this summer, but so far I've done absolutely nothing on that list (except relax).

    Washing dishes is something I am constantly doing. I don't get how I can wash a whole sink of them and then turn around and it is full again. Teenagers!

    Cleaning and dusting should be top priority after our holiday, but so far, I haven't been motivated to do that either. :)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday! Tammy

  4. I'm going to my very first quilters meeting this morning - but don't know if I have the talent to do this!

    have a great day, Katie from

  5. Yes, this is what my eyes and heart need sometimes. Just beautiful!


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