Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Open Dresser Drawers

Dresser drawers can be an interesting way to display pretty things.  Who says they always have to be closed with everything hidden on the inside?  I first noted that open drawers with things piling out on Becca's blog, Of Bluebirds and Roses.  In fact, I see that the she recently posted a picture again of an open dresser drawer with cushions displayed in it.  Meg of Crabapple Hill Studio also uses this technique in her showroom, placing embroidered and stuffed heart pillows inside a drawer and letting them spill out.  The effect is quaint, quirky, and charming!

So, I decided to try it at home!  At first it seemed messy to keep the dresser drawer partially opened, but after loading it with lace tablecloths, a cotton quilt, and an embroidered pansy wall-hanging, I felt more comfortable with its relaxed appearance.  It was fun looking for things to fill the drawer with.  In addition to cushions, quilts, and other fabric items, you could also fill a partially opened drawer with [insert your idea here --- leave a comment with your thoughts] and dried flowers, old sheet music, framed art and more.  The possibilities are endless.  What would you put in an open dresser drawer?


  1. I have been told I slept in a dresser drawer at my Mammaw's house when I was born. :) My dad was in Vietnam and my mom lived with his mom. I tried to organize two dresser drawers the other day -- what a mess! I just keep shoving things in there when I don't know where else to put them. Don't think I could leave them hanging open or things might pop our randomly. :) Have a great day. Tammy

  2. Not sure I could do it. I like to hide my messes in drawers and to have to clean one out and display things in it might just be more than I can handle. lol But it looks pretty in these photos. :)

  3. I love going somewhere and seeing an idea for inspiration. For years I was a young homemaker with not a lot of money. I used to call it "research" as I would visit here or there on a vacation. I would just inhale the ideas and go home and make a dress or creat a floral or something. I never dreamed that one day it would lead to my own shop - now 24 years and still going.

  4. As long as the rest of the room is clean, I think this looks fabulous. I recently posted a picture of my bedroom and if I were to do this it would just look like one more place that was overflowing...

    So, assuming that I had someone else's room so that I could play this way, I would probably fill the drawer with the embroideries that I haven't done anything with... that mixed with some of the doilies and quilt squares that I have squirreled away in those bins you see in my room!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. My open dresser drawer would just look messy, but yours looks terrific.

  6. Great ideas...thanks for sharing.
    Lady Linda


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