Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lovely Rose, Queen of Fragrance

Queen of fragrance, lovely rose,
The beauties of they leaves disclose!

The winter's past, the tempests fly,
Soft gales breathe gently through the sky;

The lark's sweet warbling on the wing
Salutes the gay return of spring:

The silver dews, the vernal showers,
Call forth a bloomy waste of flowers;

The joyous fields, the shady woods,
Are cloth'd with green, or swell with buds;

They hast thy beauties to disclose,
Queen of fragrance, lovely rose!

Poem by William Broome
Roses from my garden


  1. The pictures are so vivid - I could smell them as I read the poem!!! Thanks for the cheery post!

  2. Beautiful...
    I can almost smell them.

  3. Are these your roses? They are stunning! Enjoy! :)

  4. They are? All of them? Wow. What a splendid array of colors you have. Some of them are so perfect, they don't look real.

  5. OMG, La Tea Dah. Those roses are spectacular! What a fabulous job you did on the photos, too. Wowsers. Beautiful. Susan

  6. Anonymous8:11 AM

    I love the roses..



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