Monday, June 06, 2011

Family Times

Life has been busy these days.  A holiday like Memorial Day always alters the flow of life.  But how wonderful to have time with family!  Dad and Alma came to visit for four or five days.  They were busy visiting not only our family, but a plethora of friends in the area.  What fun they had visiting with friends from days gone by.  And what fun we had visiting with them!

Sis and her family were here too.  We saw nephew Matthew off at the airport.  He's in Montana now, selling books with a team of twenty students from his college.  They are working to earn tuition money and then will be heading back to Arkansas in August for the start of the school year.  Matthew was excited about his summer plans, even though they involve sleeping on church and gym floors with a camping mat and sleeping bag.

Some of my spring flowers finally decided to bloom.  And a few of the weeds decided to grow as well!  I've really been enjoying the dianthus which seemed to weather our cold winter quite well and grew well this spring, even when other flowers were reluctant to show their faces.

Dad and Alma brought their "turtle house" with them on the back of their pick-up.  It was so cozy and comfy.  It was fun visiting them in their cozy nest, although most of our visiting happened in the house or around a campfire.

Family times are special times!


  1. What a perfect spot to sit and relax in the cool evenings. It seems we've had nothing but rain and before we know it there will be campfire bans again.
    Family visits are the best.

  2. Wonderful to have family with you. How nice that they had their own little turtle home with them. That's pretty cool!

  3. Love your area around the pit. I'll have to show Dear. We ended up burning a nice whole in the lawn last year. :0)
    It is great to have family around...

  4. You are right - family times are special times! So glad you could have some wonderful moments with your dear ones. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  5. Family times are the very best. They come so rarely some times, I am happy that you were able to have a good time sitting around the campfire.


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