Monday, June 06, 2011

Honored Guests

In addition a visit from Dad and Alma, we've had two other honored guests at our house.  For two weeks, Lucy and Chalupa joined our household.  Our schnauzers weren't too sure about the competition at first, but it didn't take long to establish a routine.  Except for the cat, everyone was happy in a short time.  Lucy and Chalupa belong to Karleen, who was spending a wonderful vacation in England.  Lucy is one of those dogs who becomes your very best friend!  She's devoted, smart, and obedient.  I'd told Karleen that Lucy would be living outside, but it took just a few hours at our house before Lucy weaseled her way into our hearts and soon graduated to become a house dog!  She knew her boundaries and kept to them well (except when husband would call her into the TV room to watch a basketball game with him!).  Chalupa became my little buddy.  As the smallest dog in the pack, she became the queen of all.  She loved to tease me.  Whenever we were outside for her walk, she exhibited great ability to scamper away quickly and return back to me as slow as can be.  My favorite name for her was "you little turkey".  She loved it!  Calli the cat decided it wasn't safe to live at home any more.  He disappeared to the neighbors for the duration of Lucy's and Chalupa's visit, returning home three or four days after they left.  Calli was allowing for lots of time to make sure they didn't come back!  They haven't returned, but I sure miss them!


  1. "You little turkey!" Ha! That made me laugh. Guess you got your exercise over the two-week visit. Glad that the cat came back...

  2. Crazy how these animals can work there way into our hearts. And it doesn't take much work, we are such suckers!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. What fun visitors you had. Calli,was definitely misplaced for awhile, but so happy she chose to come back home.


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