Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Heartwarming Cup

"It was George Eliot who earnestly inquired, 'Reader, have you ever drunk a
cup of tea?' There is something undeniably heartwarming and
conversation-making in a cup of steaming hot tea. . . It is an ideal
prescription for banishing loneliness. Perhaps it is not so much the tea
itself, as the circle of happy friends eager for a pleasant chat."

Book of Etiquette 1921

Twigs, Port Townsend


  1. Whether alone or with friends I think it is the deep breath that a cup of tea makes you take in that moment from spout to lips. And who doesn't need to remember to breathe.

  2. So true, so true....enjoying a teapot of a green tea blend that has ginger, lemon and honey right now.

  3. It is the gathering around far more than the tea itself though a bracing cup of afternoon tea is pure joy.

    Is it warming up over there? It warmed up 40 degrees here in 24 hours. I am trying not to complain not wanting to give God a hard time keeping me happy.

  4. Now you've done it! I left a perfectly wonderful set of (2) teacups and saucers at the thrift today because I didn't 'need' them. Now I'm thinking when did that ever stop me before? Rats!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. There is nothing like a steaming cup of tea.

    Enjoyed that quote you shared!

  6. Like the quote. Too bad Twigs in Port Townsend has closed.


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