Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Friends of Pen and Ink

It's rather wonderful I think
When friends are made of pen and ink.

A piece of paper, blue and white,
Someone decides that she will write
To someone she has never seen
Who lives where she has never been.

A pen becomes a magic wand
Two strangers start to correspond
Not strangers long but soon good friends,
Just note how their last letter ends.

How pleasant their exchange of views,
The comments on important news,
Two friends who live quite far apart
Can gladden much each other's heart,
Can nourish too each other's mind
With Godly thoughts in letters kind.

It's truly beautiful I think,
The friendship sprung from pen and ink.

Author unknown

Dedicated to my "letter friends since childhood", RuthAnn, Nancy and Margie.  


  1. Letter writing truly is a gift of love and friendship. It is something I now reserve for an elderly aunt who knows nothing of computers and email. Everyone else just gets email. I must say that I have printed off a few emails just for the hard copy. Sweet poem and sweet custom.

  2. Hi La Tea Dah...I LOVE my penpals. Part of life's enchantment, I guess. Loved the poem you used today. Susan

  3. This reminds me of my pen pals growing up and one dear lady who wrote to me while I was in college...
    Love the poem.

  4. I'm actually thinking of my new blog friends. Not pen and ink, but friends afar none the less...

    Blessings, Debbie


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