Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Silver Teaspoon Jewelry and More

It's always interesting to observe how life happens.  Today I happened upon a silver bracelet that was handmade by an 80-year-old woman and I met a woman who was more than happy to model it for a photo so I could share it with you!  Since I have been sharing about silver teaspoons here on Gracious Hospitality, it seemed like perfect timing!  This bracelet has a silver hinge that connects the two silverware handles on the back side.  I thought it was quite unique!  Thank you, Judy, for modeling!

And thank you to Gracious Hospitality readers for your comments about how you use silver in your homes.  Here are some of the terrific ideas you shared!

Suzan said... I have all my vintage silverplate flatware in a decorative planter on the "pass through" bar between my kitchen and my dining room. I also have my everyday plates on a buffet plate rack so it is easy to grab flatware and plates to set the table. I use my silverplate everyday and keep my sterling silver for special occasions. I love digging through boxes of flatware at yard sales and flea markets looking for my favorite patterns! 

Marilyn said... I do have a collection of silver spoons which I have sitting in an old gravy dish. I am not sure I could drill holes in them.    
Karen said... I love old silver teaspoons. I purchased a bracelet and a ring made of spoons. I use some of my old silverware bent as a hook for hanging dried flowers or whatever. I don't have many pieces of silverware but am always looking for more.    
Adrienne said...I think there is such beauty in tarnished silver - the colors bring out the pattern in ways brilliant shine cannot! I love to keep my old silver spoons in my great-grandmother's carnival glass spooner. It was always on the table in her kitchen, filled with spoons for those who may need one to taste the delectable tasties coming from her oven!
Great ideas!  Isn't it fun to learn of the creative and effective ways that others use to express themselves with pretty vintage pieces?  If you have time, go visit the blogs of Suzan, Marilyn, Adrienne, and Karen.  I know they will be most gracious hosts!


  1. The bracelet is beautiful...and very clever :)

  2. Wow! What a unique way to display silver! Very attractive. Sincerely, Susan

  3. Gorgeous bracelet! I've always admired jewelry made from old silver.

  4. Love the bracelet. Thanks for inviting your readers to visit me.


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