Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Old Silver Teaspoons in Home Decor

In most kitchens, silverware has been replaced by stainless steel flatware.  But for those who enjoy vintage things, a tarnished silver teaspoon is a great find when on a thrifting adventure.  Although some may use them as intended ~ to stir a cup of tea or nibble on a dainty dessert ~ most collectors take pleasure in using them as part of their home decor.  Long past is the day when silver had to be perfectly polished to be considered beautiful.  The Shabby Chic trend favors the dark, tarnished look.  This look is elegant and beautiful in its own way.  I will admit, though, to explaining that to some of the guests in my home.  You know, the ones who still abide by the rules of home decor as established for proper homemaking years back.  In the meantime, my silver tea set remains unpolished for most of the year.  Occasionally I will give it some polish just so it doesn't turn completely black.  I like the contrast of dark and light in the scrolled pattern and fancy edges.  But, back to the simple, silver teaspoon.

The use of the silver teaspoon for home decor is only limited by one's imagination.  Here, a creative crafter has drilled holes in spoon handles and hung them on a wire lampshade frame as an accessory for vintage or French country style decor.  The lampshade is placed upon a simple base and a clear light bulb is used as the source of light.  Satin ribbon is threaded around the lampshade wire and small ribbons are used to attach the teaspoons.  Tiny bows are tied at each place of attachment.  This lamp was somewhat lost in the midst of a jam-packed antique mall, but I think it would be beautiful and effective in a carefully selected spot in the home.
Another use of antique silver teaspoons is to create a hanging piece of art.  Not exactly a wind chime, but similar, this array of mismatched teaspoons is effective and pretty as they hang from a ceiling on a metal frame.  This inventive piece of home decor was created by Bonnie, a friendly and talented woman who owns a shop filled with custom French country decor.  A great deal of the furniture and art she sells in her shop was created by her!  She has some amazing pieces and her silver teaspoon art especially caught my eye!

Another simple, but very effective way to decorate with old silver teaspoons is to mass them together in an old pitcher or vase.  There is something quite stunning about placing a collection of simple items altogether in one place.

What do you do with your bits and pieces of old silverware?  We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions.  Would you share them?


  1. I have all my vintage silverplate flatware in a decorative planter on the "pass through" bar between my kitchen and my dining room. I also have my everyday plates on a buffet plate rack so it is easy to grab flatware and plates to set the table. I use my silverplate everyday and keep my sterling silver for special occasions. I love digging through boxes of flatware at yard sales and flea markets looking for my favorite patterns!

  2. Suzan, I love your idea of keeping your silverplate flatware in a handy place between the kitchen and dining room. How handy! One of the best ways to keep silver and silverplate beautiful it so use it daily!

  3. I do have a collection of silver spoons which I have sitting in an old gravy dish. I am not sure I could drill holes in them.

  4. I think there is such beauty in tarnished silver - the colors bring out the pattern in ways brilliant shine cannot! I love to keep my old silver spoons in my great-grandmother's carnival glass spooner. It was always on the table in her kitchen, filled with spoons for those who may need one to taste the delectible tasties coming from her oven!

  5. I love old silver teaspoons. I purchased a braclet and a ring made of spoons. I use some of my old silverware bent as a hook for hanging dried flowers or whatever. I don't have many pieces of siverware but am always looking for more. I just found your blog. I am excited to read more.


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