Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Flowers

"Flowers have their own language. Theirs is an oratory that speaks in perfumed silence, and there is tenderness, and passion, and even lightheartedness of mirth, in the variegated beauty of their vocabulary. . .No spoken word can approach the delicacy of sentiment to be inferred from a flower seasonably offered; the softest expression may be thus conveyed without offense. . ."

Harvey Gail

This beautiful geranium blooms brightly during winter months in Dad's 'sun room'. What cheerful color it brings to drab winter days! 



  1. Happy Valentine's Day, La Tea Dah. Your gorgeous geranium is perfect for today's celebration. Sincerely, Susan from

  2. And it really brightens up Valentine's Day, too! Wonder if my poinsettia could work for the supper table... Happy Valentine's Day to you, LaDonna!

  3. Hello Dear One! Dear Vee at 'A Haven For Vee' sent me over here, because I was speaking of possibly being in need of gluten free living. She said that you have many such recipes.

    As soon as I send this comment to you, I'm going to link to your blog, on my blog where I'm discussing gluten free living, etc. Hope others will come over and take a look here too.

    Thank you!

    Aunt Amelia
    'Aunt Amelia's Attic'
    'Gals With Grandmother Faces'

  4. I love Valentine flowers! A friend brought me some dark red tulips and they make my heart sing.


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