Friday, February 26, 2010

Lavender Baskets, Lavender Dreams


The lavender stems I started rooting earlier this week are doing well.  They are vibrant and healthy looking so far.  I will admit to even pulling one up to see what was going on under the dirt!  I could see tiny white 'nubs' where roots are starting to grow.  Hopefully I will get the watering formula right, as it is somewhat touchy at this stage.  Generally lavender does not like to have 'wet feet' and grows best if the plants do not receive an abundance of water.  But the instructions for the new little plants are to water twice a day.  Since they don't have roots yet and they need to grow some, I am watering twice daily, but with some reservation.  It will be fun to watch them grow and mature.

There are so many ways to enjoy lavender.  Lavender plants growing in the garden are beautiful and are lovely to be enjoyed simply in nature.  But the long stems with their gray-blue flowers are also appealing to pick and make into wands, bottles, or baskets.  They make a room or drawer so fragrant!  A bowl of lavender bud in a basket or crystal bowl is such fun to run your fingers through when walking by a table that they are set on.  Lavender thoughts and dreams on a February day!    


  1. I love lavendar, La Tea Dah. Just love it. Was in a store just yesterday where there were many pots of lavendar being sold for $9.99. Didn't buy one,though, as it was very cold out and I thought it might die on the way to the car. Loved today's post.Sincerely, Susan from

  2. Your lavender woven basket is very pretty. I haven't seen one done quite like that and I like it.

  3. Sharon10:05 AM

    There is so many things you can make with the Lavender flower. I love your Lavender baskets. I think i will make some in addition to the traditional wands this year.

  4. Hi! Can you describe how you tried rooting your lavender stem? I've been aching to try it on my lavender.

  5. Chris, I took cuttings from some of my favorite plants. I made them all about 4" long and removed all the leaves on the bottom 3". I placed them in soil and potted them. They were watered twice a day (the weather has been cool, so sometimes it was only once a day so they didn't get too wet). And then --- let them grow. New green leaves are starting to grow on their tops and they are doing well. It has been about six weeks.

  6. Not bad. Did you have a 100% survival rate? I should try that with my Lavender a few months down the line.

    You know what? I've had mine for about two months now and they're still under 8 inches tall I think (so maybe they're not ripe to be pruned yet).


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