Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Using the Traveling Christmas Teapot to Bless Others

Sometimes adding a new project or activity into our lives can seem overwhelming. Making the time to start a new habit or tradition takes effort. By having the traveling teapot and accoutrement, packed and ready to go, it becomes a part of daily life and is much more likely to take place. Take it with you as you go about your life routines. When an opportunity arises to use it, you'll find it convenient to have already in your car and ready to go. So, when you visit the beauty salon, your favorite antique or gift shop, or health club, take it along and share when you see an opportunity to reach out to others. Taking the traveling teapot to a friend's house, a church meeting, to work, or to school when picking up children can all brighten the day of another. Starting this project within your normal, daily routine will help establish it and will make you comfortable with the process of serving tea from the traveling Christmas teapot and basket.
Once you have established comfort, it's time to go outside of your normal zone and reach out to someone new. You could visit a neighbor you haven't met yet or a neighbor down the street who is elderly and alone; visit a nursing home; share tea with a teacher from your past; stop by and share with community food bank staff; or drop by the doctor's office and share with staff there. The possibilities are endless as you reach out to those who serve in your community.

During the whirlwind of the holiday season, it blesses others when time is taken to enjoy the true spirit of the season with those around you. In the process, you are blessed as well. By taking the
time to reach out to those who may not have someone to share the holiday with, the blessings are multiplied. The traveling Christmas teapot is a tool that can work as a prop as you reach out to others around you when seeking and sharing the true meaning of Christmas. Enjoy a wonderful Christmas and be blessed!


  1. Beautiful photos and lovely suggested tradition! Hope your weekend is filled with joy and peace. Sincerely, Susan from writingstraightfromtheheart.blogspot.com


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