Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Elements of the Traveling Christmas Teapot Tea Party

A Traveling Christmas Teapot tea party consists of several elements. They are the implements, the tea and food, and the tuck-in gift.

--- The implements: a pretty basket or hamper, decorated with a red bow or holly sprig; a small holiday tablecloth or square of yardage in a Christmas theme; pretty Christmas napkins; a Christmas teapot; porcelain teacups and saucers or tea mugs; silver teaspoons; a small candle and matches.

--- The tea and food: a 1/2 pint jar filled with sugar-cubes; a selection of tea bags (herbal and black; include Christmas blends); a small carton of milk or soymilk; a pretty jar of strawberry jam; a tin of cookies or scones; a thermos of hot water (or a small electric tea kettle and bottled water).

--- The tuck-in gift: a card or hand-out made by you that explains the purpose of the Christmas traveling teapot that includes a special Christmas message, verse, poem, or Christmas carol; a small tuck-in gift to give to your guest like a bookmark, doily, hankie, Christmas ornament, or antique teaspoon.

Photo: Clarice's beautifully appointed tea table

[to be continued]


  1. What a beautiful table and so inviting!

  2. I love your idea and thoughts on a traveling teapot for Christmas. I can't wait to hear more.


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