Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Love & Tea

I'm sending you love and tea,
To warm your winter's day.
Think of me as you pour your cup
And all the good things we would say.
If we could be together now
Instead of miles apart,
We'd sip our teas and memories,
The sweet warmth fills the heart.

Susan Young

This is the last week of National Hot Tea Month. Have you had your cuppa today? Our drawing ends on Saturday. For details, please check the sidebar and link.

This verse is especially for Becky in Florida. Thank you, Becky, for brightening my day today. Be blessed!

Tea towel --- stitched by me for my friend, Karleen.


  1. I really like that verse, and the embroidery, did you do that one?


  2. Very pretty. A very soothing post, lovely to read after work!

  3. Ahh, love the verse LaTeaDah! I just met up with a bloggy friend for the first time yesterday over a cup of tea :0)

  4. Great poem and embroidery!

  5. Very pretty! Nice to relax and spend time on your blog!

  6. Sweet embroidery!

  7. My girls and I love to have tea together. I have a feeling that after they are grown and gone we will always think of each other when we have tea. Lovely.


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